The Uses of Sadness, by Karen Masman

Everyone feels sad now and again. Being sad doesn’t mean you are depressed. Sadness can help you be happy!

Being sad is a natural state – everyone feels sad sometimes. Yet most of us have been conditioned to fight feelings of sadness – or at least to hide them behind a brave face and keep soldiering on. But counsellor and author Karen Masman explains that sadness is a natural part of life and is actually a healthy and important emotion. It is through allowing ourselves to follow the cycle of sadness that we learn how to enrich our lives and, therefore, to be happier.

This practical book explores the differences between sadness and depressing, and elaborates on the seven stages of sadness, from longing through to offering. There are practical exercises for exploring sadness and making choices, and many personal stories from participants in Masman’s workshops. The reader is encouraged to work through the book, becoming intimately aware of each of the seven stages so that episodes of sadness can be more readily accepted, and become enriching experiences.

This is an absorbing and gently educational book.

The Uses of Sadness: Why Feeling Sad is No Reason Not to be Happy

The Uses of Sadness, by Karen Masman
Allen & Unwin, 2009

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