Witches Incorporated, by K. E. Mills

That’s it. I’ve done it. I’m a real live janitor.
He wasn’t ready. He didn’t know nearly enough. The international law, the restricted incants, the seventeen volumes of case files that didn’t even scratch the surface of the Department’s work over the past ten years. He’d barely absorbed any of it. All was chaos in his head, facts and figures tumbling like leaves in a windstorm. He didn’t know enough yet to be let loose on the world.

Gerald Dunwoody is now officially a janitor, and off on his first assignment – a case of espionage with international consequences. His friends Melissande and Bibbie are on a case of their own. They have started a new witching agency, and they, too, have their first big job. Unfortunately, it seems Witches incorporated and Gerald’s assignment may be about to step into each other’s territory. Soon, though, stepping on their friends’ toes might be the least of their worries.

Witches Incorporated is an exciting fantasy novel set in a fantasy world where witches and wizards play key roles. Gerald is a wizard who has newly discovered powers, and must learn how to use and control them. His friends have problems of their own. Melissande is a princess who has turned her back on royal life and both she and her partner, Bibbie, must battle the restrictions of being female (or ‘gels’) in a male-dominated society. Reg, the third in the Witches Incorporated agency is a bird who not only talks but was also once a human queen.

Aimed at an adult readership, this series is especially likely to appeal to the crossover market of older teens and slightly older, with its blend of characters and issues common to members of that age group. The second in the Rogue Agent series, the title can also stand alone.

Witches Incorporated

Witches Incorporated, by K. E. Mills
Harper Voyager, 2009

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