Crocodile Cake, by Palo Morgan & Chris Nixon

This evening I am going to bake
The most fantastic, scrumptious cake.
A wondrous cake of sheer delight
A cake too good to even bite…

When the girl in this rhyming tale decides to bake a cake she doesn’t want one that is splendiferous layers of cream and toffee, but rather a scary crocodile cake. Grandpa helps her bake it, but while he’s asleep the crocodile cake comes alive, jumps out of the oven and wreaks havoc. It is up to the child to stop the crocodile and save her family.

Crocodile Cake is a funny story which is a delight to read aloud. The rhyme and rhythm flow, and the colourful illustrations are filled with quirky detail and vary from light and bright to dark colours at the scariest moments and back to light as the situation is resolved.

A real treat.

Crocodile Cake

Crocodile Cake, by Palo Morgan and Chris Nixon
Fremantle Press, 2009

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