Edzel Grizzler, by James Roy

He wasn’t aware yet, but through the Egg, he was being called to another place. And that yearning call, combined with a subtle push from the dreariness of West Malaise, was all it really took to make Edsel reach out his right index finger and press the green button, all the way in.

Living with boring – but embarrassing – parents in Bland Street, West Malaise, Edsel Grizzler is unhappy. He dreams of having friends, and different parents and doing exciting things. So, when Edsel finds his way into another dimension, it seems all his dreams have come true. In Verdada there are no rules. Everyone stays forever young and everyone has fun. Want Pizza for breakfast? Want to skateboard? Ride a bike? No problems. But the longer he stays there, the more Edsel realises that not everything is as it seems in Verdada.

Edsel Grizzler is the first in a new adventure trilogy from master storyteller James Roy. Young readers will enjoy the excitement and interest of travelling to a strange world, but should also relate to Edsel’s desire to fit in and belong – feelings all children (and adults, too) experience. There is a message in this tale – about enjoying what you have, and the dangers of always searching for something better – but the message is there to make kids think, as a consequence of the story, rather than being preachy and didactic.

The second instalment in this trilogy will be eagerly awaited.

Edsel Grizzler (Voyage to Verdada)

Edsel Grizzler , by James Roy
UQP, 2009

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