Tracey Binns is Lost, by Sherryl Clark

‘Why does Mr Poplat think we’re all fat?’ He looked around at all of us. ‘I don’t think we are.’ We all nodded.
‘It’s not just about weight issues,’ she said, in a way that told me she was trying very hard to avoid the fat word. ‘It’s about being healthy…’

Tracey Binns is not happy when the school gets funding for a new healthy eating and exercise program. Although she eats lots of vegetables and loves playing netball, Tracey is not a good runner, and the PE teacher Mr (aka Sergeant) Gunning expects her to be able to run five laps. Added to that, the school camp has been changed to a survival camp. Tracey is sure she’ll hate it.

Tracey Binns is Lost, a sequel to the popular Tracey Binns is Trouble, sees Tracey face plenty of new challenges. First, there’s her need to get fit – aided by her Dad, who not only wants to run with her, but also to share all his Boy Scout experiences. Then, there’s the camp, where Tracey and her group find themselves lost in the bush. It is up to Tracey (and her Dad’s compass) to get them out of trouble.

Exploring the issues of childhood fitness and obesity from the side of the child who is perhaps not overweight but also not super fit, as well as other issues of friendship, bullying and bravery, this is a tale with much to offer middle primary aged readers.

Tracey Binns is Lost

Tracey Binns is Lost, by Sherryl Clark
UQP, 2009

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