Fearless, by Colin Thompson & Sarah Davis

When the Claybourne-Willments…got Fearless as a little puppy
it seemed a good name for him.
Except Fearless wasn’t.

Fearless is a bulldog with a problem. He might look fearsome to people who don’t know him, but in reality he is scared of everything. He has a big, loving heart, and is a quivering mess whenever anything frightening happens.

But one night Fearless meets a burglar, trying to steal his mum’s handbag. And Fearless manages to live up to his name – even if it is by accident.

Fearless is a gorgeous, whimsically funny book about names, about love and about courage. The text is delightful and the illustrations, by Chrichton Award winning illustrator Sarah Davis, are absolutely gorgeous. Fearless’ facial expressions are especially endearing, and kids will laugh out loud at his antics.

Suitable for children aged 4 to 8, and likely to withstand repeated readings.


Fearless, by Colin Thompson & Sarah Davis
ABC Books, 2009

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