The Immortal, by Michael Panckridge

His limbs should have been wasted. His skin sallow. His teeth rotting inside cracked and swollen lips. What amazing powers did this magical potion contain?

When Cameron is sent to spent the holidays at a children’s home by the sea, Cameron is unimpressed. Then he starts to hear a voice in his head – calling him to release its owner. Cameron doesn’t understand who is calling him, or why he can hear them, but he does know that he needs to get below the cottage to where the man is trapped.

Jeremy Brighton has been entombed for fifty years, but in that time he hasn’t aged a day. A mysterious serum has made him immortal, but helping him could prove disastrous for Cameron and his new friends.

The Immortal is a gripping tale exploring the possibilities of immortality and the positive and negative impacts such a ‘gift’ could have. Part mystery, part fantasy, this is a story which will entertain readers aged 11 to 15, and leave them pondering .

The Immortal, by Michael Panckridge
Black Dog, 2009