Yikes! by Alison Lester

In a raging storm at sea…
…who would you be?
Salty Scott, the captain,
trying to bring his ship around?
La Cantina singing
in a clinging velvet gown?
Sparrow Cripps, the cabin boy
skinny, small and shy?
Or Jack the Stirrer rolling out
the pastry for a pie?

In this whimsical offering, young readers are invited to choose a character for each setting, before turning the page to find out what happens to them, and to the other characters. With rhming text, humorous characters, and exciting scenarios, this interactive offering is a real treat.

First published in 1993, has been rereleased in a smaller format paperback. With seven different adventure scenarios including a stormy night at sea, under the Big Top and in a Transylvanian Castle, and Lester’s bright illustrations, children will be drawn in both to choosing a character for themselves, and exploring the unfolding adventure. The episodic nature of the book would also allow each scenario to be looked at individually, perhaps over a period of days – which could be wonderful fun in a classroom setting, for example.

Yikes! : in Seven Wild Adventures Who Would You Be? by Alison Lester
This edition Allen & Unwin, 2009