Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait, by K. A. Bedford

In 2027, things in Perth, Western Australia, are much the same as they are now, except housing is more expensive and time machines are a common household item. After discovering the body of a young woman inside a broken and rather unconventional time machine, repairman Spider Webb becomes tangled in a battle to save himself, his ex-wife, and indeed the entire universe, guided by a series of bizarre happenings and various future versions of himself, while discovering more about the future than he has ever been comfortable with.

Set in the near future, this intriguing, inventive, and entirely believable story presents a realistically bleak depiction of the near future with a cast of incredibly human characters. A rich web of mystery and complexity, Time Machines Repaired While-u-wait snares the reader with its enthralling plotline while creating a visualization of a future that is surprisingly ordinary, thanks to the down-to-earth perspective of main character Spider, who is faced with his own set of everyday problems and neuroses. Humourous and imaginative, Bedford’s novel consists of a pleasing balance of character, mystery, and action.

A down-to-earth, thought-provoking science fiction novel for people who like a plot filled with intrigue and characters with a bit of substance.

Time Machines Repaired While-u-wait

Time Machines Repaired While-u-wait, by K. A. Bedford
Fremantle Press, 2009