Whose Footprints? by Jeannette Rowe

Jeanette Rowe’s bright simple books are familiar to many readers and pre-readers. Each explores a very simple concept, using repetition to cue responses from young children. In Whose Footprints? the question is repeated on each opening. Sideways flaps open to reveal the animal responsible. Each page is brightly coloured with text in large black letters. Flap colours contrast. Whose Footprints?is a sturdy paperback, designed to withstand repeated readings.

Whose Footprints? follows many other ‘Whose…’ titles from Jeanette Rowe. There have been noses, ears, tails and bellies to find. Each title asks a question and then invites the reader to guess the answer. The brightly-coloured pages and stylised animals introduce young children to various animal characteristics. There are also opportunities for discussion about colours, similarities, differences and more. Great for reading with a child, or for the child to explore on their own. Recommended for the very young.

Whose Footprints? Jeanette Rowe
ABC Books 2009
ISBN: 9780733322587

review by Claire Saxby, Children’s Author