Wombat Divine, by Mem Fox & Kerry argent

Wombat loved Christmas. He loved the carols and the candles, the presents and the pudding, but most of all he loved the Nativity Play.

When Wombat goes to the auditions for the Nativity, he tries out for every part – from the Archangel Gabriel to the Three Kings, and even Mary. But someone else is chosen for every part, because Wombat is too big or too heavy, or too short or too sleepy. Finally, just when it looks like Wombat is going to miss out completely, Bilby has an excellent idea. Wombat could be the Baby Jesus. When the night of the play comes, everyone is nervous, except Wombat. He plays his part to perfection – even falling asleep.

Wombat Divine is a touching Christmas story from one of Australia’s best known picture book authors, Mem Fox. The richly coloured illustrations, by well-known artist Kerry Argent, bring the Australian animals to life in a perfect complement to the tale.

First released in 1995, the book has been rereleased to mark its fifteenth year.


Wombat Divine


Wombat Divine, by Mem Fox, illustrated by Kerry Argent
Omnibus Books, an imprint of Scholastic Australia
First Published 1995, this edition 2009