Wildlife in Australia, by Louise Egerton

By world standards, many Australian animals look, well, a little strange. Take kangaroos, Koalas, the Platypus, the Southern Cassowary or the Gippsland Giant Worm. Extraordinary as they are, these animals are well adapted to their habitat but through what evolutionary hoops have these creatures jumped? It is almost as though the wildlife of Australia has experienced a separate evolution from the rest of the world and so, indeed, to a large extent it has.

Australia’s rich and diverse wildlife includes some unique creatures – including the Platypus, the koala and the kangaroo – which arouse curiosity throughout the world. But whilst these creatures may be well known, Australia is also home to may lesser known creatures – from mammals to fish, from birds to invertebrates.

Wildlife of Australia is a comprehensive hardcover guide to the animals which inhabit our land. With the help of over 70 experts, zoologist Louise Egerton and photographer Jiri Lochman have compiled a reference which details the animals, their environments, their behaviour and the threats to their existence. With stunning colour photographs on every spread, this is both an invaluable reference and a pleasure to browse.

Suitable for home collections as well as libraries and research, this authoritative offering is worth owning.

Wildlife of Australia

Wildlife of Australia, by Louise Egerton & Jiri Lochman
Allen & Unwin, 2009

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