January, by Gabrielle Lord

With superhuman strength, the sick man tore himself away from the medics’ hold. His eyes were wide with terror. ‘If you don’t disappear, you’re going to have to survive them for a whole year! Do you realise what that means? They’re going to be after you for 365 days! Week after week! Day after day!’

Callum Ormond’s life is thrown into chaos when, on New Year’s Eve, he is chased by a seemingly crazy man who warns Callum that he must disappear – or else be pursued by unnamed pursuers for the next year. Callum doesn’t know what the man is talking about, but in the days that follow he almost drowns, his house is robbed and he is framed for the attempted murder of his little sister. Suddenly the crazed man’s warning seems terrifyingly accurate.

January is the first title in a bold new series from Aussie crime writer Gabrielle Lord and Scholastic books. Conspiracy 365 will consist of 12 books released one a month for twelve months, with action packed instalments in Callum’s adventure. The story is pacy and is complemented by a website with games, blogs and competitions which will appeal to young readers aged ten to fourteen.

An intriguing concept which will be interesting to follow throughout 2010.

January (Conspiracy 365)

January (Conspiracy 365), by Gabrielle Lord
Scholastic, 2010

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