Dance of the Deadly Dinosaurs, by Jackie French

Up, up through the blackness of the wormhole ceiling. Boo was pressed next to Yesterday’s blue silk dress on one side, and Princess’s gold brocade one on the other, his nose between Mug’s armoured knees, the pink dinosaurs around them.
Up…up…suddenly the world grew light.
Too light. Boo blinked. Something was shining in his eyes!
It was a sign, as tall as the cliff at school, adorned with blinking lights. There was a picture of a bed – a big one, with brass knobs and a patchwork quilt – and words above it, pulsing red and green and blue: ‘Welcome to the Ghastly Otherwhen.”
He gulped. It looked as though they’d arrived.

In Lessons for a Werewolf Warrior Boojum Bark (Boo), would-be Hero, banded with his friends from hero school to overcome the evil Greedle. Now, with the Greedle out of the way, Boo is determined to visit the Ghastly Otherwhen, previously the Greedle’s home, to rescue his mother. But no hero has ever conquered the Otherwhen, and everyone seems to be trying to talk him out of it – everyone except his friends Yesterday, Princess Princess, Mug and Squeak.

Together the four friends journey to the Otherwhen, but when they get there they find it is not at all what they had expected. How can they rescue Boo’s mum when she seems so happy to be there, and doesn’t remember Boo at all?

Dance of the Deadly Dinosaurs is the second title in the School for Heroes series from award winning author Jackie French. An entertaining blend of humour, action, adventure and even mystery, there is much here to keep middle and upper primary aged readers turning the pages.

Dance of the Deadly Dinosaurs (School for Heroes)

Dance of the Deadly Dinosaurs (School for Heroes), by Jackie French
Harper Collins, 2010

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