Max Your Marks, by Rowena Austin & Annie Hastwell

Each year about 200 000 students around Australia sit Year 12 exams. And the competition for top marks is intense.

If you or a teenager in your life is currently in Year 12 and is preparing to sit their final school exams, then Max Your Markswill be an invaluable addition to your home library.

Composed chiefly of anecdotes and advice from recent school leavers, the book explores a variety of issues common for most year twelves – including goal setting, dealing with stress, balancing study and other parts of your life, and, of course, study skills. Each chapter includes a brief introduction and then a range of quotes from students. The students are from a variety of backgrounds – city and rural students, boarders, day students and home schoolers, public schools and private – but what they have in common is that they have all done well in Year 12, achieving a tertiary entrance rank of 95 or better, suggesting that their advice is worth listening to.

Year 12 is a difficult year, for students and their parents alike, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Max Your Marks will help with ideas for making it easier, and bringing the issues into perspective.

Max Your Marks

Max Your Marks, by Rowena Austin and Annie Hastwell
Allen & Unwin, 2010