March, by Gabrielle Lord

I realised, as the train was bearing down on me, that I would never see my family again. I would die, never knowing the mystery of the Ormond Singularity. There was a loud shriek…and then, just before impact, the whole world seemed to open up and I’d fallen into a gaping blackness. I felt the terrifying sensation of falling into some dark space beneath my body, as if the earth had opened up and swallowed me.

In his third month on the run, Callum Ormond is in a heap of trouble. Wanted by police for assaulting his sister and uncle – an assault he didn’t commit – and relentlessly pursued by criminal gangs who want Callum and the answers he can give, he seems thwarted at every turn in his quest for answers.

March is the third title in the Conspiracy 365 series, a fast moving, action-packed series, comprising twelve books released monthly as the action, and the mystery, unfold over the year. In this instalment Callum makes some new friends, but is also faced my more life and death situations. keeping the action moving throughout, and finishing with a cliff-hanger which will see readers looking for the next instalment.

March (Conspiracy 365) March (Conspiracy 365), by Gabrielle Lord
Scholastic, 2010

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