What Next, Tilda B? by Kathryn Lomer

Everywhere the ground was shifting under my feet.
Suddenly people thought I was old enough to figure things out for myself.
Yeah right.

Tilda Braint is nearing the end of year ten and has no idea what she wants to do next year, or with the rest of her life. When she finds a mother elephant seal on the local beach, though, things start to change. As the seal and its young cub shelter on the beach, Tilda becomes involved in their protection.

At the same time, Tilda finds her relationships are changing. She’s no longer so sure about her boyfriend, Jamie, and her best friend Shelly is acting strangely. Then there’s her family – her parents who are sleeping in separate bedrooms, and her little brother who wants everything back to normal. It could be that navigating through all these upsets might help Tilda figure out what it is she wants, and how to go about getting it.

What Now, Tilda B? is a beautiful story about growing up, focussing on a teen character who is likeable and believable as she navigates the divide between being a teenager and being a young adult. There is some humour and plenty of action, but this is predominantly a gentle exploration of a few eventful weeks in Tilda and her friends’ lives.

Especially likely to appeal to teen girls.

What Now, Tilda B?, by Kathryn Lomer
UQP, 2010

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