The Trophy Kid, by Pat Flynn

This is your chance. Take it.
I straighten my strings, blow out a lungful of air, and try to forget the score.
But it’s impossible. The score is all that matters in tennis, the signpost that leads to only one of two destinations.
Winning or losing. Glory or failure.

Marcus is a junior tennis star. He is state champion and dreams of winning Wimbledon. But something is holding him back. It isn’t his backhand, his forehand or even his serve. It’s his mind. At inconvenient times he starts to second guess himself, often with disastrous results. And now he’s in real trouble. He’s convinced that if he doesn’t win the next state title he’ll lose his grandfather. Could it be that his mate Matt, a tuckshop expert, and the girl he has a crush on, Kayla, are the ones who’ll give him the right advice to solve his dilemma – even though neither knows anything about tennis?

The Trophy Kid is a companion novel to The Tuckshop Kid and The Toilet Kid, and readers of the earlier two will enjoy this one too, though it equally stands on its own. Dealing with issues of OCD, competitiveness and friendship it is an entertaining, often funny read for upper primary aged children.

The Trophy Kid

The Trophy Kid, by Pat Flynn
UQP, 2010
ISBN 9780702238406

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