June, by Gabrielle Lord

Everything fizzed and flickered out.
Then the force of the crash-landing had shaken up every cell in my body. I was trembling all over, but my arms and legs felt numb and helpless. I couldn’t see a thing—I was surrounded by darkness…
Darkness and smoke!

Lurching from one drama to another, Cal Ormond survives a plane crash only to be chased through the bush by armed thugs. Cal can’t be caught – his life depends on staying free for long enough to find the Ormond Jewel and solve the mystery of the Ormond Singularity.

June is the sixth instalment in the Conspiracy 365 series from crime master Gabrielle Lord. With a new title released each month and the action taking place over a year, the books (and the whole series) is fast paced, with Cal repeatedly confronting perilous situations and making unlikely friends – and enemies – in the process.

Suitable for readers aged 10 and over, the series is best read sequentially, though there is a brief recap at the beginning of each.

June (Conspiracy 365), by Gabrielle Lord
Scholastic, 2010
ISBN 9781741690385

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