The Kitten's Tale, by Darrel & Sally Odgers

The kitten squalled crossly and clawed at the bars of the cage.
‘That’s not a prison,’ I said. ‘It’s a cage, with a bed and food and water.’ I turned to the kitten. ‘It’s all right,’ I sad. ‘You’re safe. Just make yourself comfortable and Dr Jeanie will—” I broke off. I had started the speech I made to our patients when they’re nervous, but this kitten wasn’t our patient.

A strange kitten has appeared at the vet surgery, and Trump isn’t sure what to think. The kitten doesn’t have a home, but has been brought here by Trump’s friend, Major Higgins. While the kitten is looked after by vet Jeanie, other strange things happen. Someone is stealing Trump’s kibble, and another, vicious cat is on the loose in the area.

The Kitten’s Tale is the fifth instalment in the Pet Vet series, an outstanding series of books for middle primary aged readers. Told from the viewpoint of Trump, the young Jack Russell dog who lives with vet Dr Jeanie the story is part mystery, part educational and wholly fun. Supported by text boxes, black and white line illustrations and front of book character introductions , The Kitten’s Tale can be read without knowledge of the earlier titles.

Pet Vet: #5 Kitten's Tale

The Kitten’s Tale, by Darrel & Sally Odgers
Scholastic, 2010
ISBN 9781741697247

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