The Trouble With Dogs, by Bob Graham

“The trouble with dogs,” said Dad, “is that they take over your life. Run the show.”

Adopted from the rescue centre, Dave is a small pup who Kate thinks is perfect. But sometimes he gets just too excited, and causes problems – jumping onto laps, running through flowerbeds, even stealing cupcakes from visitors’ plates. When Mum finds the phone number for Pup Breakers, a solutions seems at hand. But when the Brigadier starts to train Dave, he loses his sparkle.

The Trouble with Dogs! is a delightful sequel to Let’s Get a Pup, featuring big, slow Rosy and little fast Dave, and their people family. With a gentle lesson for dog owners – and even parents – about the wonder of having a zest for life, this is creator Bob Graham at his best, with deceptively simple illustrations, and text which says only what’s necessary.The Trouble with Dogs!

The Trouble with Dogs! by Bob Graham
This edition Walker Books, 2010
ISBN 9781406326017

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