Now, by Morris Gleitzman

Once I didn’t know about my grandfather Feilx’s scary childhood.
Then I found out what the Nazis did to his best friend Zelda.
Now I understand why Felix does the things he does.
At least he’s got me.
My name is Zelda too.
This is our story.

Zelda is named after her grandfather’s brave childhood friend, but she doesn’t feel worthy of sharing the name. She isn’t brave or clever like the first Zelda – or so she thinks. Her parents are overseas working to help orphans, and Zelda has been left with Felix. She loves him dearly, but still she can’t help feeling abandoned. When Felix’s birthday comes around, Zelda works hard to make it special for him – but not everything she tries is successful.

Now is a heart tugging tale of family and survival. Felix’s war-time tribulations, and the way they have affected his whole life shape the story, which sees Felix and young Zelda battle their individual demons, as well as a terrifying bushfire which threatens their life and calls on all their reserves of strength and ingenuity.

Following from author Gleitzman’s earlier titles Once and Then, Now satisfactorily completes Felix’s tale but can also stand alone.


Now, by Morris Gleitzman
Penguin, 2010

ISBN 9780670074372

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