Jake's Balloon Blast, by Ken Spillman

Jake wanted to fly.
He really, really wanted to fly. He’d ALWAYS wanted to fly.

Jake – star of Jake’s Gigantic List and Jake’s Monster Mess is back in his third adventure – and this time, he’s determined to fly. Once he’s discounted rockets, airplanes and helicopters as too expensive, Jake explores ideas a little more within his own reach, which is when he remembers that Dad has a helium inflator in the cupboard. With a little help from his mate Jonah, Jake hatches a plan to get up, up and away. But will he ever get off the ground?

Jake’s Balloon Blast is a fun junior fiction title on a topic many kids will relate to – trying to figure out a way to fly. Jake is a likeable character whose silliness will appeal to young readers, and the adults in his life are supportive. The text is accessible but not over simplistic, and the support of the grey scale illustrations (by Chris Nixon) adds a pleasing visual element.

Most of all this a fun book – which kids will love.

Jake's Balloon Blast

Jake’s Balloon Blast, by Ken Spillman & Chris Nixon
Fremantle Press, 2011
ISBN 9781921696558

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