Awesome Aussie Things to Draw, by Louis Shea

There is no shortage of how to draw books on the market, but that doesn’t eman there isn’t roomf or another one. Awesome Aussie Things to Draw!will appeal to young artists and animal lovers because of its focus, as the name suggests, on Australian icons.

Artist Louis Shea guides the reader through simple steps to draw a range of familiar Australian things. There are plenty of animals – including a dolphin, a kangaroo, and a kookaburra – as well as other familiar Australian sights ad objects such as a breaking wave, a tractor and a tree. There are also two ‘bonus’ landmarks, in the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

This non drawer reviewer had a go at a few of the activities and produced a passable dolphin and an almost recognisable wave. I’m sure with repeated practise I could have been even more successful, and a child who is keen on drawing would achieve satisfying results fairly easily.

Awesome Aussie Things to Draw! would make a great gift for a primary aged child.

Awesome Aussie Things to Draw!

Awesome Aussie Things to Draw! by Louis Shea
Scholastic 2011
ISBN 9781741695489

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