The Aunties Three, by Nick Bland

Don’t fart or burp or sniffle or sneeze.
Remember your ‘thank you’ and practise your ‘please’.
Speak when you’re spoken to, never before,
take a deep breath and open the door…

The Aunties Three are on their way to visit, but their exacting standards make it pretty hard to prepare for their visit. When they do come calling, things go wrong, and one by one the three aunties leave in disgust. Luckily, after they’ve gone, Aunty Four comes, ready for fun and comfort.

The Aunties Three is a fun rhyming romp full of the kind of silliness that youngsters love – rhyme that scans well, quirky characters and illustrative details which they’ll love to discover and explore. Nick Bland is a master of the picture book form and this new offering will not disappoint.

Aunties Three

The Aunties Three, by Nick Bland
Scholastic, 2011
ISBN 9781741697919

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