Morgan's Law, by Karly Lane

As she glanced over at the urn, a smile touched her lips as memories of hot summer afternoons listening to the rumble of thunder on Gran’s back verandah flooded her mind… Tomorrow she would begin searching for the answers she needed. Someone here was bound to know where the wising tree was located, and maybe after she had fulfilled her grandmother’s final request her heavy heart would feel a little lighter.

When Sarah returns to Australia after ten years living in London, it is to fulfil her Grandmother’s dying wish, and to escape a broken heart, before returning to her high paying marketing job. She has no intention of falling in love, and certainly no idea that she will unearth a long lost extended family and forge a connection with outback Nagellan which will be hard to walk awa from.

Morgan’s Law is a moving outback romance, set in a quiet Queensland town and focusing on the story of Sarah, a strong, modern young woman, and on a fictional community facing problems which are only too  real in rural Australia, particularly economic crises, the impacts of droughts, and long term sustainability.

Likely to appeal to lovers of contemporary romance.

Morgan's Law

Morgan’s Law, by Karly Lane
Allen & Uniwn, 2012
ISBN 9781742379104

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