My Book of Jokes, illustrated by Bronwen Davies

Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?
Because it was chicken.

Why don’t teddy bears eat much?
Because they’re already stuffed.

My Book of Jokes is a small hardcover offering, featuring, as the title suggests, jokes. Each joke is asked on one page withe reader needing to turn the page to see the answer. The jokes are illustrated in bold digital illustrations with quirkily appealing characters. Whilst each joke and pair of illustrations is self contained, some images and characters reappear. For example a picture of a traffic jam includes the a garbage truck from an earlier joke and a chicken on the pavement.

The jokes are most likely to appeal to early independent readers, though the illustrations and format mean the book will also be appealing to younger children.

Good for a few laughs.

My Book of Jokes

My Book of Jokes, illustrated by Bronwen Davies
Scholastic, 2012
ISBN 9781742831657

Available from good bookstores or online from Fishpond.