The Greedy Crocodile, by Sally Morgan

When Shontu the crocodile finally hatched from his egg, his mother thought he was the sweetest of all her little crocs hatched that day. But she soon changed her mind when he sank his sharp little teeth into her tail and began chewing. Imagine being so greedy that you;d take a bite out of your own mother!

Shontu the crocodile is so greedy that even the other crocodiles don’t trust him. Everyone lives in fear of him, but it is only Granny Wongon who can think of a way to stop him. ‘The Greedy Crocodile’ is just one of ten intriguing tales in the collection of the same name. other stories tell of a girl who can’t stop shouting, a boy who nearly wishes his life away and a Good Spirit who tries to outwit a grumpy frog.

The stories are not traditional tales, but draw on author Sally Morgan’s love of such tales, and of Australian landscapes and animals. Some are influenced, she says in the preface, by her own childhood, whilst others have been suggested by family members.  Each story is accompanied by one or more colourful illustrations, adding interest.

An excellent companion to Morgan’s earleir collection, The Flying Emu, The Greedy Crocodile will appeal to primary aged readers and could be used in the classroom.

The Greedy Crocodile

The Greedy Crocodile, by Sally Morgan
Walker Books, 2012
ISBN 9781921720659

Available from good bookstores or online.