Be Home for Armageddon, by Luke Edwards

‘What the hell is that?’
‘Just a sec,’ said Anna, turning now.
A plummeting orb was upon them, filling the sky, while clouds, as if magnetised, swirled and joined the growing mass.
The orb crashed mid-street, engulfing the entire region in vapour, which instantly began to implode, drawing back into the impact site with a cyclonic roar as all surrounding matter was now enveloped by the force.

Be Home for Armageddon

When he witnesses a seemingly inexplicable explosion in his street, Victor is only scared for a little while – because he loves science, and he and his friend Soo are soon busy investigating just what is going on. Whilst the rest of the street is willing to accept the explanation of a gas explosion, Victor knows that whatever it was came from the sky. But even he isn’t prepared for what he finds when he explores the craters. The beings setting up home there might be aliens, but they’re not like any other alien ever imagined. They are black holes. And it doesn’t matter how friendly a black hole might be, their destructive habits can be a bit disturbing.

Be Home for Armageddon is a funny science fiction offering for teens and pre teens, with humour, science and action well blended, although some of the science may go over the heads of some readers.

The main characters are ostensibly 17, though seem younger, and the book is more likely to appeal to readers in upper primary.

Be Home for Armageddon, by Luke Edwards
Omnibus, 2012
ISBN 9781862919419

Avaialable from good bookstores or online.