Even More Awards News

Recently I posted a big list of recent awards and shortlists. No sooner had I done this than there were several more announcements. It may be hard to keep up, but it is really exciting seeing books (and their creators) in the spotlight. So, hoping I don’t miss any, here’s a summary of recent announcements

The SCBWI Crystal Kite Awards is an award voted on by  SCBWI members and, as such, is an award made by children’s authors and illustrators  to one of their own. The winner of the Crystal Kite Award for 2013:

Ten Tiny Things, by Meg McKinlay and Kyle Hughes-Odgers

This book also features in the shortlist for the Wilderness Society’s Children’s Book Award which is as follows:

Preschool Category

Our Nest is Best By Penny Olsen and Penny O’ Hara (NLA Publishing)
Kangaroos Hop By Ros Moriarty and Balarinji (Allen & Unwin)
The Last Dance By Sally Morgan (Little Hare)

Primary category


Ten Tiny Things, By  Meg McKinlay and Kyle Hughes-Odgers (Fremantle Press)

Tanglewood ,By Margaret Wild and Vivienne Goodman (Omnibus Books)

Bizi the Musk Duck of Barren Box Swamp, By Ann-Maree Thompson (Ann-Maree Thompson)

Also announced recently were the shortlists for the Reading & Enjoying Australian Literature (REAL) Awards, which serve as shortlists for the state reader’s choice awards for children in Australian Capital Territory (COOL Awards), New South Wales (KOALAs), the Northern Territory (KROC Awards) and Victoria (YABBAs). The shortlists are:


Picture storybooks

  • Baby Wombat’s Week (Jackie French, illus by Bruce Whatley, HarperCollins)
  • Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair (Lee Fox, illus by Cathy Wilcox, Lothian)
  • A Giraffe in the Bath (Mem Fox & Oliva Rawson, illus by Kerry Argent, Viking)
  • Hunwick’s Egg (Mem Fox, illus by Pamela Lofts, Puffin)
  • The Jewel Fish of Karnak (Graeme Base, Viking)
  • The Little Refugee (Anh & Suzanne Do, illus by Bruce Whatley, A&U)
  • Mirror (Jeannie Baker, Walker Books)
  • Pooka (Carol Chataway & Nina Rycroft, Working Title Press)
  • Two Bad Teddies (Kilmeny Niland, Little Hare)
  • The Very Cranky Bear (Nick Bland, Scholastic)


Fiction for younger readers

  • Alice Miranda Shows the Way (Jacqueline Harvey, Random House)
  • Andy Roid and the Field Trip Terror (Felice Arena, Puffin)
  • Billie B Brown: The Copy Cat Kid (Sally Rippin, HGE)
  • Bungawitta (Emily Rodda, Omnibus)
  • EJ12: Pyramid Puzzle (Susannah McFarlane, Lemonfizz Media)
  • Our Australian Girl: Meet Nellie (Penny Matthews, Puffin)
  • Our Australian Girl: Meet Rose (Sheryl Clark, Puffin)
  • Pizza Cake (Morris Gleitzman, Puffin)
  • The Siege Scare (Frances Watts, illus by Gregory Rogers, A&U)
  • The Golden Door (Emily Rodda, Omnibus)


Fiction for older readers

  • The 26-Storey Treehouse (Andy Griffiths, illus by Terry Denton, Pan)
  • Brotherband: The Outcasts (John Flanagan, Random House)
  • Con-Nerd (Oliver Phommavanh, Puffin)
  • Eric Vale, Epic Fail (Michael Gerard Bauer, illus by Jon Bauer, Scholastic)
  • The Forgotten Pearl (Belinda Murrell, Random House)
  • Just Doomed! (Andy Griffiths, illus by Terry Denton, Pan)
  • Nanberry: Black Brother White (Jackie French, Angus & Robertson)
  • Specky Magee and the Best of Oz (Felice Arena, Puffin)
  • Thai-Riffic! (Oliver Phommavanh, Puffin)
  • The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crow (Aj Mackinnon, Black Inc.)


Fiction for years 7-9

  • A Straight Line to My Heart (Bill Condon, A&U)
  • After (Morris Gleitzman, Viking)
  • The Book Thief (Marcus Zusak, Picador)
  • Contact (Chris Morphew, HGE)
  • The Dead I Know (Scott Gardner, A&U)
  • Give Me Four Reasons (Lizzie Wilcox, Little Hare)
  • Grace (Morris Gleitzman, Viking)
  • The Invisible Hero (Elizabeth Fensham, UQP)
  • Shift (Em Bailey, HGE)
  • Stolen (Lucy Christopher, Chicken House).

Lastly (I think) the shortlist for the Miles Franklin Award was also announced, with an all female-author list for the first time ever. The shortlisted books are:

Floundering, by Romy Ash –

The Beloved, by Annah Faulkner

Questions of Travel, by Michelle de Kretser

The Mountain, by Drusilla Modjeska

Mateship with Birds, by Carrie Tiffany