Possum Magic, by Mem Fox and Julie Vivas

Grandma Poss made bush magic.
She made wombats blue and kookaburras pink.
She made dingoes smile and emus shrink.
But the best magic of all was the magic that made Hush INVISIBLE.

For thirty years Possum Magic has been delighted young readers from Australia and around the world. The delightful, magical tale of a possum named Hush whose Grandma makes her invisible to keep her safe, then forgets how to make her visible again is one that is so very Australian and never fails to delight.

To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of its release, Omnibus Books have produced a gorgeous anniversary edition, in hardcover with a slipcase. The red cover is embossed with silver stars, and a front cover picture of Grandma Poss poring over her magic book as Hush sleeps, with a back cover embossed image of Hush reaching for one of the stars.

For collectors, this is a beautiful new edition, but for readers of all ages, it’s a sturdy, long-lasting format which is a fitting tribute to one of Australia’s best-loved children’s books.


Possum Magic, by Mem Fox & Julie Vivas
This edition Omnibus, 2013
ISBN 9781742990002

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