Pureheart, by Cassandra Golds

She was looking out her window when she saw him.
She had spent all her life looking out windows. But this was the first time she had ever looked out on someone who was already looking back at her.
He was too far away from her to be able to see his face clearly. Anyway, it was dark, and the mist obscured everything. And yet, the moment she caught sight of him, standing under the streetlight, she was seeing, not him, but a long vista of halls and doorways shooting out, as it were, behind him.
That was how she knew he was family.

Deirdre is alone in the world. Her grandmother has just died, and Deirdre is left watching over a block of fats, which have been condemned by the council. But when she sees a boy standing watching the building, she knows she must go to him. Soon, she realises that this is Gal, who she knew when she was 5, and again, briefly, when she was 12. They share some kind of history, but it’s something she doesn’t really understand. Together they must unravel the secret of their past, and of the old building.

Pureheart is a haunting tale of love, and secrets. Bringing fable and mystery together in a blend which is satisfyingly difficult to define, the result is intriguing and will appeal to teen and adult readers.



Book Cover:  Pureheart

Pureheart, by Cassandra Golds
Penguin, 2013
ISBN 9780143204275

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