The Love Oracles: Nymph, by Tonya Alexandra

Prometheus’s mouth stretch into a long frown. “I do not seek your permission, niece. I promised your father I would watch over you in his absence and I’m afraid I haven’t done a good job of it so far. It is both my formal duty and my personal desire to see to this matter.” His eyes were soft. “If, that is, you trust me enough to represent you…”
“Uncle, of course!” Merope cried. “I only worry Zeus will punish you as a result.”
“Zeus we can manage, love,” Prometheus replied. “I can’t promise the same with Orion though. That half-god is unpredictable.” He took her by the shoulders. “I’m afraid, Merope, you’ve made yourself a very dangerous foe.”

As a nymph, it is unthought of that Merope would reject an approach from Orion, but that is exactly what she has done, though she knows there will be consequences. Banished to earth under the guardianship of her uncle, Prometheus, Merope must learn to live amongst humans. This is hard – humans have funny ways – but she must try to fit in. When she meets Lukas, a human teen, she starts to feel like she’s never felt before. But love between a goddess and a mortal is forbidden, and Merope soon realises she has attracted the wrath of the gods.

Nymph is an intriguing young adult read, set chiefly on an idyllic Greek island, as well as within the heavens. Drawing on Greek mythology, blended with contemporary romance, the story will intrigue those with an interest in mythology, or serve to entice the reader to learn more.

The first in The Love Oracles series, Nymph is suitable for teen readers as well as adults.


Nymph (Love Oracles)

Nymph, by Tonya Alexandra
Walker Books, 2014
ISBN 9781922077240

Available from good bookstores and online.