Middle School: Going Bush, by James Patterson & Martin Chatterton

All in all, life in Hills Village with the regular people wasn’t too bad.
But here’s the kicker: if life among the regular people wasn’t so bad, why did it feel like there wa
s a great big something hovering just out of reach? Why did I keep checking my email for messages from “out t

here”? Why did I have itchy feet?

Why wasn’t I happy?

Rafe Khatchadorian’s life is going okay, so he should be happy. – but he finds himself wishing for something interesting to happen. So when a letter turns up unexpectedly, inviting him to an art camp in Australia, he jumps at the chance. Soon he’s Down Under learning all kinds of things, including how awesome it is to be on so

lid ground, why you should never trust a bearded bushman, and that you should never EVER play fetch with a crocodile.

Part of the best selling Middle School series, Going Bush is the second title in the series set in Australia. and coauthored by James Patterson and Australian author Martin Chatterton. In this adventure Rafe experiences the outback as part of a young artist camp where he and his friends come up against an angry croc, the ravages of outback camping, and a mystery surrounding a blue diamond.
Young readers will enjoy the blend of humour and adventure.

Middle School: Going Bush, by James Patterson and Martin Chatterton
Random House, 2016
ISBN 9780143781219