There's Not One, by Jennifer Higgie

There’s not one baked bean…
there are (at least) a zillion.

The premise of this joyous new picture book is simple. Each spread states that there is not one dog/baked bean/colour and so on, showing how there are many of each things, until, at the end it announces there is not “just one of you” before declaring that this is a mistake. There is, of course, only one of ‘you’, but we are “all in it together”. This wonderful message of uniqueness is both gently humorous and uplifting, and while aimed at children will make readers of all ages smile appreciatively.

The illustrations, too, are bright and warm, using digital collage with a childlike simplicity which children will be keen to replicate. Each page has a different background colour and the text uses different fonts, including collage cut-out letters where appropriate.

A quick read, There’s Not One will withstand repeated rereadings and also offers plenty to talk about one-on-one or in group situations.

There’s Not One, by Jennifer Higgie
Scribble Books, 2016
ISBN 9781925321708