The Heiresses, by Allison Rushby

Ro couldn’t help herself. However rude it might be, she continued to stare, then reached out and touched the girl on the arm. “You are real,” she said quietly. “It was just…I was wondering if this was some kind of odd dream.”

“Perhaps it is,” Thalia said quite calmly. “Though I’ve never had a dream before where I’ve been told I’m a triplet and it ha turned out only a few minutes later to be true.” She shot a look at her brother’s retreating back.

For seventeen years Thalia, Erato and Clio have lived with their adoptive families, each girl unaware that she is one of a set of triplets, separated after their mother died in childbirth. Now they have been reunited by their aunt, Hestia, who believes they have been wrongly denied their mother’s estate. She wants the girls to work together to claim what is rightfully theirs.  But working together is not easy for three girls who have just met, and harder still when each has a reason for needing the inheritance.

As they get to know their new-found aunt, and each other, the girls struggle to figure out who they can trust. It seems they can’t even trust each other.

The Heiresses is an intriguing story of family, betrayal and more, with an element of mystery and loads of tension. Suitable for a new adult and adult audience,and set in 1925 London, there is lots to like about the story and its three diverse, feisty heroines.

The HeiressesThe Inheritance: The Heiresses 1

The Heiresses, by Allison Rushby

Pan Macmillan , 2013

ISBN 9781742613147

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Blondetourage, by Allison Rushby

All right, all right. I have to admit it – even for me, little Miss Uber-surly, this is all a tiny bit exciting. Just a tiny bit, mind you. I mean, even though I don’t watch the show, you always see bits and pieces of it on the ads, don’t you? You still hear about it on the news and from friends and stuff. And this is it. Actually it. The kitchen. Romy and Anoushka’s kitchen. The kitchen that millions and millions of viewers all over the world see when they tune into Rich Girls every Sunday night.

Ellie thinks she is the only person who doesn’t think the Rich Girls are hot. Sure, they might have their own reality television show, but surely Romy and Anoushka are over-rated. They are gorgeous, rich and have never worked a day in their lives. What’s so good about that?

Ellie is about to find out, because her mum, chef to the stars, has been employed to be their personal chef. Ellie finds herself first in New York and then in Paris, London and LA as she joins the Rich Girls’ entourage. As well as Elli and her mother, JJ, the blondetourage includes the television production crew, four other teenagers, and their tutor. Being part of such a group is bound to have its problems, but Elli soon discovers that even the rich girls are not all that they seem. Is being rich all that it’s made out to be? And could it be that Elli can help the girls?

Blondetourage is a humorous but insightful look into life behind the facade of reality TV, and deals with issues common to many teens, including friendship and a search for identity. It also has plenty of interest, with diverse settings and a range of teen and adult characters. Suitable for teenage girls aged twelve and over.


Blondetourage, by Allison Rushby
Random House , 2008

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