Joey the Roo, by Marion and Steve Isham


As Joey the Roo moves through his day, he counts the objects around him – from one to ten. A single sun shines outside his window, his clothes are in pairs, his toys are in threes and so on.


This is not a simple counting book however. Children will need some encouragement and interaction with Mum and Dad to see the pattern as on most pages the number being illustrated is not mentioned. On the ‘seven’ page, for example, Joey paints a rainbow – and the seven colours of the rainbow are listed, while on the ‘five’ page, he bakes star shaped biscuits, with five points on each.


The educational aspect of the text is supported with a list at the back of the book suggesting counting rhymes, songs and activities, most of which parents will be familiar with from their own childhoods.


A simple yet fun offering from Bandicoot Books.


Joey the Roo, by Marion & Steve Isham
Bandicoot Books, 2003