Monkey Come Home, by Bernard Gallate

I climbed the tree and spotted the frightened creature on a branch near the top. It had a long tail and was making a nervous chattering sound. Somehow it didn’t quite look a possum. I pulled myself up onto the next branch for a closer inspection and realised that it wasn’t a possum after all. It was a monkey! I couldn’t believe my luck.

When Avery finds a monkey in his back yard, he is amazed. Where did it come from and what should he do with it? He tries to keep the monkey a secret, but that isn’t easy. After his sister Serenity finds out, it isn’t long before Mum and Dad figure out that something is amiss. Then there’s the staff of PUXCorp who are looking for the monkey. What is so special about this animal?

Monkey Come Home is a fun junior novel, part of the ABC Kids Fiction series. There are twists and turns as Avery uncovers the monkey’s secret past, with other family and community members playing important roles. Reader aged 8 to 10 will enjoy the novelty of a boy owning (even if temporarily) a monkey, and the problems this creates.

An accessible and interesting read.

Monkey Come Home (ABC Kids Fiction)

Monkey Come Home, by Bernard Gallate
ABC Books, 2007

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