The BIG Picture Book, by John Long

The Universe formed out of clouds of gases
(or was it always there—
everywhere atoms buzzing with energy?
The Universe is a mystery.
The beginning of all things is a mystery.

The Big Picture Book explores the mystery of the Universe and of our Earth in this stunning exploration of the birth of Earth and of life as we know it. The book takes the form of a timeline, with each double page spread being one step on the timeline, from 12 billion years ago when the Universe first formed, until today, and even takes a glimpse at what the earth might be like in another 50 million years.

With simple text, author and palaeontologist John Long explains concepts such as the Big Bang, the formation of the solar system, the beginnings of life on earth and the development of the continents. The illustrations by Brian Choo present specualitive glimpses of each time period and are complemented by by photos of fossils, landscapes and the stars.

This offering will fascinate young starlovers and enquiring minds and the photographs and illustrations will captivate.

The BIG Picture Book, by John Long and Brian Choo
Allen & Unwin, 2005