The Schumann Frequency, by Christopher Ride

On the rooftop, a time traveller lay pale and motionless. White smoke hovered above him in the still morning air. Suddenly, spiderwebs of electricity rippled across his lifeless body, causing his eyes to dart from side to side under his eyelids. His left hand twitched, then the right. With a mighty heave of his chest, he gasped and opened his eyes.
Wilson Dowling had successfully made a leap of almost seventy years backwards in time.

In the year 2081, law student Wilson Dowling is at university in Australia, working towards finishing his studies. He little expects to be told that he has the perfect genetic makeup to become the world’s first time traveller. In the year 2012, Helena Capriarty has been troubled by strange dreams and visions. Even when she’s awake, she is disturbed by visions of troubling events happening to someone else but being seen through her eyes. She doesn’t understand what is happening, but she does know that she has to find the man these things are happening to.

Wilson’s mission in 2012 will save the world, if he can carry it out – and Helena is going to do everything she can to help him do it. But there is one man determined to stop Wilson – and if Helena gets in the way, he’ll stop her, too.

The Schumann Frequency is an intriguing science fiction tale combining the possibility of time travel with an action packed mission to save the world, with a little romance and humour thrown into the mix. Coming in at a massive 518 pages in length, it is an absorbing read which will satisfy both sci-fi and action-adventure fans.

First self published in 2007, the novel has been picked up by Random House, who will also publish the sequel in October this year.

The Schumann Frequency

The Schumann Frequency, by Christopher Ride
Random House, 2009

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