That's Ambitious, by Dennis Cometti

Harvey, the smallest player in the AFL, has become a marking option. Remarkable! He might be the only guy in the competition whose feet appear in his driver licence photo.

Sporting fans around Australia are regularly treated to the commentary skills of Dennis Cometti. His in depth knowledge and eloquent style make him popular, but it is his way with words which most often draws attention. Cometti-isms – sometimes planned and researched, other times spur of the moment – are casually dropped into his commentary to the delight of fans and, sometimes, the bemusement of his co-commentators.

That’s Ambitious is Cometti’s second collection of his favourite comments and is accompanied by explanations of the context in which each comment was made, as well as black and white photos.

For any Cometti or football fan, this little offering is a delight.

That's Ambitious: More Classic Commentary

That’s Ambitious, by Dennis Cometti
Allen & Unwin, 2007

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Centimetre Perfect, by Dennis Cometti

Andrew Dunkley’s kick went so high it ricocheted off the Hubble Telescope.
McIntosh, like good hairspray, is the master of the subtle hold.

With the Australian Rules football season once again under way, footy fans around the country are regularly treated to the velvet tones of Dennis Cometti commentating the big games. Having been involved in the broadcast of sport since 1968, he has been commentating football since the competition went national in 1987, and has become well known for his entertaining and unique comments, often made in the heat of the moment.

In this little offering, Cometti himself brings together some of his more colourful Cometti-isms with mini-introductions explaining the contexts within which the comments were made.

An introduction by AFL Legend Graham ‘Polly’ Farmer gives a little insight into Cometti’s past – including the fact that Cometti was an excellent player himself until he chose to follow his passion for broadcasting. The text is also complemented by game-day photgraphs taken by Micahel Kennish.

This is a funny, easy-read offering, with a unique small format. It would be an excellent gift for a football fan.

Centimetre Perfect, by Dennis Cometti
Allen & Unwin, 2004