Guess Who Just Moved In! by D G Harris

A couple of things caught my eye. Sitting on the coffee table was one of those weird pipe things that have long bendy tubes coming out of them, I remembered seeing the caterpillar in the Disney movie of Alice in Wonderland smoking one, but I didn’t know they existed in real life. And next to it in a glass case was one of those great big silver cutlasses that pirates usually have hanging from their belts.

When a new family moves into Orsom Towers, not everyone is keen to welcome them. They are Muslims and their strange comings and goings have some of the residents worried. Ben and his mates know that looking different does not make a person a terrorist, but when they find evidence of criminal activity, they start to wonder about the new family.

Guess Who Just Moved In! is the third title in the Snott Henderson and the Orsom Towers Gang series. This entertaining offering includes a blend of mystery, humour and friendship in a story which will be enjoyed by boy and girl readers aged 9 to 12. The story is self contained, so readers new to the series won’t be confused.

Guess Who Just Moved In, by D. G. Harris
ABC Books, 2007

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