Blossom Possum, by Gina Newton

Blossom Possum can’t sleep, but when she climbs down from her tree, something falls on her head. Certain that the sky is falling, Blossom races off to tell the Prime Minister. Along the way she meets up with her friends – Rocky Cocky, Joanna Goanna, Toey Joey, Abacus Platypus and Echo Gecko – who all decide to come with her. When the friends meet By-Jingo Dingo, he thinks he might be able to get a feed, so he tries to trick the friends by promising a shortcut to the Prime Minister. Fortunately for the friends, they are rescued just in time by I-Seen-You Emu and his minders.

Blossom Possum is a retelling of a favourite folk tale with an Australian twist, sure to delight preschool age children. The animal characters are brought to life in earth Australian tones by the talented Kilmeny Niland and the receptive, tongue-twisting text, whilst a challenge for the adult reader, will have littlies giggling.

Very cute.

Blossom Possum, by Gina Newton and Kilmeny Niland
Scholastic, 2006