Life Without Limits, by Helen O'Neill

David Pescud had a difficult childhood. He struggled through school, always in trouble and unable to cope with schoolwork. Then, when he was fourteen, he watched his father drown trying to save him from a river.

David could have been excused for wanting to give up on life, but he survived and at seventeen was diagnosed with profound dyslexia. This diagnosis was a turning point for Pescud.

By the age of 23 Pescud was a succesful businessman and by 45 he had earned enough money to retire and indulge his lifelong passion for sailing.

While helping a freind work on a yacht, David heard a radio interview with a paraplegic man who wanted to participate in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. This interview was the catalyst for Pescud to begin Sailors with disAbilities. Not only has David skippered disabled crews in the big race, but his organisation continues to enable thousands of diabled people to experience sailing.

David Pescud’s story is inspirational. It shows not just one man’s struggle to overcome his own disability but the way this has driven him to help others. Author Helen O’Neill has worked closely with Pescud to put his story on paper. It is a remarkable tale.

Life Without Limits, by Helen O’Neill
Bantam, 2003