Horrible Harriet's Inheritance, by Leigh Hobbs

Dear Readers.
You are the lucky ones, and don’t forget it. For you are about to learn all about me (well, a lot – not everything, because some things must stay secret). Don’t expect rubbish like beauty tips or manners advice (yuk!) in this book, because I’m not interested in that stuff, and I’m the boss of what’s between the covers.

No one who has ever met Horrible Harriet can forget her – and here she is again in another unforgettable adventure. This time Harriet tells her story from her own perspective, complete with drawings and poems and more. In her room perched in a tower above her school, Harriet writes poetry and prepares meals for the teachers she keeps locked in the basement. She has no inkling of what is to come – the postman brings her a letter, informing her that she may be the long lost heir to a royal throne. She just needs to fill in the gaps on her family tree to stake her claim.

Horrible Harreit’s mind is filled with visions of palaces and coaches and, as she explores her history, she unearths some very surprising relatives. But if she claims her throne she may have to leave the school.

Horrible Harriet’s Inheritance is a hilarious offering for children which will make older readers giggle, too. Filled with the quirkiness that readers have come to expect from creator Leigh Hobbs, including comical line drawings on every page.

In Horrible Harriet’s own words: ‘This Book is Brilliant!’

Horrible Harriet's Inheritance

Horrible Harriet’s Inheritance, by Leigh Hobbs
Allen & Unwin, 2012
ISBN 9781741149852

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