The Grinding House, by Kaaron Warren

Over the past twelve years, Kaaron Warren has made a name for herself as a writer of quality speculative fiction stories. Her tales are a diverse blend of science fiction, horror and fantasy, but the common thread running through them all is their impact and the quality of the writing.

Now, nineteen of Warren’s best stories are brought together in this anthology. Fans of her stories will be delighted to have the best of them – including some previously unpublished – together in one volume. For those new to her work, or even the speculative fiction genre, this anthology is sure to make you a fan.

From the first story, The Fresh Young Widow, with images of bodies being interred in clay cases , to the last, Working for the Love of the God of Money, with a frightening image of a malicious god, Warren’s stories are richly woven and confronting. No story is predictable and all leave the reader thinking.

Warren’s stories have been published in Australia and overseas, and A-Positive (included in this anthology) won an Aurealis Award in 1998. The writing skills demonstrated in this anthology leave the reader with little doubt about the reasons for Warren’s success.

The Grinding House, by Kaaron Warren
CSFG Publishing, 2005