Dawn Hawk, by Ken Catran

Spending part of his holiday with his teacher is not Bryce’s idea of fun, but here he is. His friend Focus has dragged him along to stay with Mr Justinian’s Aunt Roberta, following the death of great-aunt Petronel.

Petronel was, in her time, a famous female aviator, and Focus herself is passionate about aircraft and flying. Neither she nor Bryce, though, expect to be caught up in a crime ring in the seaside town. Aunt Petronel has left some clues about a missing plane, and Focus and Bryce are determined to find it. They aren’t the only ones who are interested in the plane, though, or in whatever else may lie hidden in the disused tunnel network under the cliffs. Rescuing the plane may take a back seat to the need to rescue themselves.

Dawn Hawk is a thrilling Crime Waves title from Lothian Books. Aimed at 10 to 14 year old readers, especially those with an interest in crime fiction, Crime Waves titles are high on action and mystery, while of a length manageable to most readers.

Dawn Hawk is an intriguing story.

Dawn Hawk, by Ken Catran
Lothian, 2003