Moon Bear Rescue, by Kim Dale

Bewildered, Star clung to the bars that held him a prisoner, alone in a frightening world he did not understand.
This little black bear cub would never know freedom in the wild again.

In rural China, Asiatic black bears, (known as Moon Bears because of the white crescents on their chests) are farmed for their bile, which is used in Chinese medicines. The bears are kept in small cages and ‘milked’ of the bile daily through catheters inserted in their gall bladders. Moon Bear Rescue tells the true story of one Moon Bear, Star, who is injured by the men who trap him before finding his way to the Moon Bear Rescue Centre in Sichuan. Star has to learn how to trust humans in his long journey to rehabilitation.

This is a touching tale which highlights not just Star’s tale but also highlights the plight of the Moon bears and the work that the rescue centre is doing. It especially highlights the contribution made by Jill Robinson (MBE) who became aware of the Moon bear’s plight in 1993 and has worked tirelessly to establish the centre and promote awareness of the animals’ plight.

Kim Dale’s beautiful watercolour illustrations bring the story to life in touching detail. This is a book which tells a sometimes sad story but which will touch the hearts of readers, young and old.

Moon Bear Rescue, by Kim Dale
Lothian, 2006

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