Loner, by Bernard Lagan

When Mark Latham was elected the leader of the Labor Party he was seen as young and dynamic, and hailed as the saviour of the Labor Party’s fortunes. He would be the next Prime Minister, defeating John Howard’s Liberal government, and nothing would stand in his way.

Yet only a year later Mark Latham, having failed in that bid to be Prime Minister and suffering personal illness would resign from Parliament and public life. Whilst commentators have tried to analyse what went wrong, this book seeks to explore in depth exactly what happened in those twelve months to take Latham from dynamic politician to sick and embattled recluse.

Loner: Inside a Labor Tragedy is an energetic and intriguing expose of the behind the scenes struggles and crises that marked Mark Latham’s time as leader of the opposition. It is riveting reading for anyone with an interest in Australian politics.

Loner: Inside a Labor Tragedy, by Bernard Lagan
Allen & Unwin, 2005