Leaper Lane – Rugby League Rookie, by Stephen Measday & Paul Sirronen

The lights of Telstra Stadium were bright and blinding. Thousands of fans were cheering for me!
I went back slowly to take my kick.
There were fifty-two seconds left in the game. Our regular goal kicker had just gone off with an injury. Now it was all up to me and I couldn’t let the team down.
This was my moment.

When Jack’s mum moves him from Melbourne to Sydney he has to say goodbye to his favourite sport – Aussie rules – and he’s not impressed. But when he is introduced to rugby league, Jack wonders if it’s all so bad. He tries out for his local club, the Wanderers, and works hard to make a place for himself on the team.

It isn’t all plain sailing. Jack is pretty small compared to some of the other players, and he doesn’t even know the rules of the game. When he gest injured making a tackle, Jack worries that he might be left out of the team.

Leaper Lane: Rugby League Rookie is the first title in a new series which follow Jack’s adventures as he learns to play (and love) his new game. With plenty of sporting action, there are also other subjects explored, including family break-ups and friendship.

This series is likely to appeal to 8-12 year old readers, specially those with an interest in rugby league.

Leaper lane: Rugby league Rookie, by Stephen Measday and Paul Sironen